Our Ranking Bot was written from scratch by Kito. It uses Java and a Teamspeak 3 API by Holywaffle (GitHub).

Java Ts3 API: https://github.com/TheHolyWaffle/TeamSpeak-3-Java-API

September 2019


* Added Prestige Support for 10k and 20k

* Many performance changes

Version v9, v10

* Fixed some issues

July 2018


* Added Music Bot Support

* Remove Reward Icons

April 2018


* Fixed a crash when a new client connects (Default Server Group)

* Changed API Version to latest (pre release test)

* Added !prestige (To be implemented)

* Reworked the function which updates server groups..

-> Mid April 2018


* BIG REWARD SYSTEM UPGRADE Added new icon shop, changed level for autochannel to 2+

March 2018


* Added !attack

* Added !channel

* Changed News Message and add a dynamic news script

* Reworked internal code performance